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Latest news and updates on the happenings of TP Team Squash.

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Training Hours

Men's Main Team:
Tuesdays 7-9pm

Women's Main Team:
Thursdays 7-9pm

Freshman Team:
Mondays/Wednesdays 7-9pm


Mens (Main)
1. Jia Peng
2. Amos
3. Hoe Pang
4. Bernard
5. Nasir
6. Sean Tan
7. Shaun Cheang
8. Daryl Seet
9. Justin Pragash
10. Marcus Lim
11. Tony Chee

Ladies (Main)
1. Hui Si
2. Jerene
3. Shi Bei
4. Ezati
5. Cheryl Lim
6. Yeo Fu Xi

Mens (Club)

Ladies (Club)



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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hi guys,

our POLITE games are taking over this week from Monday to Thursday. The dates are:

TP vs SP

TP vs NP


All matches start at 5.30 sharp!

We're hoping that the club team players, freshies, alumnis and ex-team members can go watch and support us!
For those interested in taking the bus with us, please be at Engineering block at 3.30pm sharp! Two-way transport is provided with the bus making its way back to TP at 8.30 pm.

Hope to see you there! :)

TP Squash(: Posted by TP Squash@ 11:48 pm

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hi recruits,

You will be purchasing your racquets and court shoes this coming Monday (20th june) at Sports Planet shop in Kallang Squash Centre.
Please meet at mushroom area in TP at 1pm so that we all can go down there as a group together with some of the seniors. :)
For those who are going directly to the shop, please inform Ezati to let us know.
Please bring along $200 as well. (roughly 140 for racquet and 60 for the shoes)
After buying the racquets, you all can admire them over lunch together. :D
Seeya there!

TP Squash(: Posted by TP Squash@ 9:56 pm

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Update: Trial Date brought forward to Monday, 13th june at 7pm
Dear Female Recruits,

Firstly, we apologise for the delay of the female results. However, results of the final list of females have not been released due to the difficulties that we are facing in choosing the 8 girls. This is because there are quite a number of you who are on par with each other in term of your strokes.
Thus, after much consideration, we are forced to have a final round of trials for these group of girls that we are considering.
This is done so as to assess your strokes with more stringency so as to choose the 8 girls.
For those people whose names are not mentioned here, unfortunately you are not being considered for the final team.
Or we would have informed you personally if you have been chosen.

Thus the remaining spots will be filled by the chosen ones from the list below.

Lim Yuet Mei Yanin
Farah Muslihah
Lim Gui Feng
Mah Yi Qian
Ong Jing Yi Fiona
Stephanie Ang
Nur Ameera
Lee Yan Yi
Tan Pei Ying
Lim Pei Ni Patricia
Ang Min Hui
Phelycia Chan
Nur Sabrina
Silvia Permata
Oh Kirene
Koh Hwee Cheng
Jeodi Chua Jia Min
Felicia Yim
Janice Ng
asha mageswari
Yuen Yern
Shu Ying
Xian qi

Note that the trial date for these people will be on 13th of june at 7pm. For any queries, feel free to email Ezati. Contacts are shown at the top side of the blog.

TP Squash(: Posted by TP Squash@ 12:18 am

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hi squash recruits,

Note that due to the proposed change in the TP Squash Club structure, we will be only taking 8 guys and
8 9 girls in for the Club.
Congrats to those who made it! :)
For those who didn't, thank you for participating in the selection process and we appreciate every single one of your efforts at the trials.
Note that we have also placed some names in the Waiting List, should we be able to take in more players. However, these names will remain anonymous.

After the long selection process, here are the names of the recruits chosen for this year.


1. Marcus Lim (1103425C)

2. Justin Christopher (1102760D)

3. Yee Chong (1004930B)

4. Chua Feng An Jerome (1104448D)

5. Darshan Chugani (1103943E)

6. Han Wei (1004570E)

7. Richard (1003038E)

Ladies: (9 girls taken in due to only 6 being present in the main team at the moment)

  1. Cheryl Lim
  2. Fu Xi
  3. Andria Tay
  4. Natasha
  5. Janice Ng
  6. Lee Yan Yi
  7. Tan Pei Ying
  8. Fiona Ong
  9. Kirene

To the selected few, please report to the court on 26th at 6pm to settle some admin matters.

Thank you



TP Squash(: Posted by TP Squash@ 6:14 am

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Hey squash recruits,

Due to the overwhelming response from the CCA recruitment drive, the trials will be on several dates. Please check the attachment to view which group you fall under.

There are 7 sessions in total :

4th May 5-7pm & 7-9pm

6th May 5-7pm & 7-9pm

9th May 5-7pm & 7-9pm

11th may 7 - 9pm

Be punctual for your training as we expect to see commitment which is an important criterion for squash.

Things to bring:

Training gear(sports attire)

Non marking shoe/running shoes

Water bottle

Face towel for hygiene purposes

Racquet if you have (otherwise will be provided)

Please report at the squash court located beside the sport hall at your allocated timing and days. Report to the in-charge, either Ezati, Nasir or Bernard for attendance taking.

If you have any enquiries, feel free to text Bernard at 92364946 or email



TP Squash(: Posted by TP Squash@ 5:23 pm

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hi guys & girls

The CCA exhibition is on this Wednesday till Friday (27th-29th) from 10am till 5pm.

Our squash team will be setting up a booth to promote TP Squash for the recruitment drive as well as to entertain any queries by the freshies.

As such, the whole of the main team will be enlisted for duty to man the booth over the 3 days.

Please refer to the link below for your assigned timings and days for your duty. :)

If any of your timetable happens to clash with your duty, feel free to inform Ezati. :)

More details pertaining to the actual duty itself will be given soon.

Lastly, let's do our best for recruitment and TP Squash!

Nasir :D

TP Squash(: Posted by TP Squash@ 1:26 am

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hi all who are involved in NUS Invitational 2010,

Please take note of your game fixture as shown below!

MALE (TP 1):

Erwin Quek
Daryl Seet
Sean Tan

MALE (TP 2):
Melvin Ho
Ka Ming
Jia Peng

Both Male TP1 and TP2 will take place at 6.30pm on 3rd Jan.

Huang Huisi
Lee Xin Yi
Nur Ezati

Deborah Lee
Lau Ying Hui
June Tan

Elaine Koh
Loo Hui Ling
Shavonne Wong

Female TP 3's game will start at 7.30pm while TP 1 & TP 2 will start at 8.30pm on 3rd Jan!

For more detailed fixture, please click the link below :)

(P.S If you can't view the spreadsheet, text me for the username and password at 91397605)

Happy new year to all,

TP Squash(: Posted by TP Squash@ 5:06 pm

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CIMB Singapore Women's Squash Masters 2010

Venue: Kallang Leisure Park (special 4 sides glass court)

Dates: 26-31 July 2010


Come witness all the drama unfold as the best women's Squash players in the world battle it out in a spectacular 4-wall Glass Court at Leisure Park Kallang!

Be inspired by their jaw dropping shots and see top world players compete in a special 4 sides glass court!

Tournament Draw available at website.

P.S 28th training will be cancelled, instead all to go down to watch!

TP Squash(: Posted by TP Squash@ 9:53 pm

Friday, July 09, 2010

Hi everyone,

Hope you all have been training well. Just a little update;

The year 2s and year 1s in the main team are taking part in the Reserve League at Singapore Chinese Girls School. This is a team competition and we have sent 1 team (of 4) from the men's main team and 2 teams (of 4 each) from the ladies. The competition goes on for the next 3 Saturdays starting from the 10th at SCGS squash courts. Matches are in the afternoon around 1pm. Those in the Club team do come down and support them if you can, will be a good chance for you to see other school's players as well and see a real competition in action.

Some of the seniors will be going down too, so let us know if you want to go together.

Hope to see you there!

TP Squash(: Posted by TP Squash@ 10:08 pm

Monday, July 05, 2010

Hi all,

This is the moment you have all been waiting for. The team temasek training jersey is available for order!! Please place your order with your respective Group Leaders including your:
  1. Name
  2. Matric no.
  3. Size
It is $10.00 per shirt. Please pay to your respective leaders upon placing your order.
All orders must be in BEFORE thursday. Any orders after that will not be accepted.

FYI, the leaders are








Order order order now! I feel like a blogshop owner, kinda.

TP Squash(: Posted by TP Squash@ 10:48 am

Main Comm

Captain: Ezati
Vice Captain: Nasir
Quarter Master: Bernard

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